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4 Simple Rules for International Travel

Having the opportunity to travel internationally is exciting! There are endless experiences, magical locations, and amazing people all over the world. As you prepare, there are four simple rules you should follow to keep your travel experience as wonderful as you imagined. Get Your Shots! Every destination comes with an opportunity to explore and develop

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Kissing, Nudity and a New York Minute: A look at International Travel Etiquette

By Jeremy Miville International etiquette is more than knowing which side of the road to drive on and which hand gestures to use in a fender bender. It really is more about understanding other cultures, traditions, and customs while avoiding an ethnocentric mindset. Ethnocentrism is defined as an evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions

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5 Ways to Use your Phone Internationally (Without Paying for It Later!)

We all know someone who thought their cell phone plan handled international data and usage one way but were surprised by hefty fees and charges on their next bill.  But Wi-Fi is the answer, right? We recently met a woman who thought she was on a café Wi-Fi network in Aruba, and texted her family

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