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The need for Domestic Travel Insurance has never been clearer.

It’s common for people to second guess the need for travel insurance while traveling within the United States. Even more so when there is no need to fly. But one thing became very apparent this summer, Mother Nature is a beast, and she doesn’t care about your road trip. Florida and Texas were pummeled with

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So You Want to Go to a Music Festival.

by Brittany Wilson Music festivals like the upcoming Lollapalooza event in Chicago are a perfect time to celebrate being carefree while listening to great music with like-minded individuals. However, sometimes a little planning can go a long way to having an amazing festival experience. Whether you plan on staying for a single day or a

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5 Ways to Use your Phone Internationally (Without Paying for It Later!)

We all know someone who thought their cell phone plan handled international data and usage one way but were surprised by hefty fees and charges on their next bill.  But Wi-Fi is the answer, right? We recently met a woman who thought she was on a café Wi-Fi network in Aruba, and texted her family

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