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Hopping Around Europe

By Jeremy Miville Europe is a treasure. From swimming at the beaches of Greece to skiing the mountains of Switzerland, the region has something for every season. One of the greatest benefits of traveling in Europe is how easy it is to visit multiple countries in a relatively short time period. You can drive from

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Packing light: Because no one loves bag fees.

By Jeremy Miville Airlines have changed since their inception; I mean, everything evolves. But the industry has gone from being this luxurious mode of transportation to flying Greyhound buses filled with sweatpants and headphones. I’m glad smoking was banned, but the ham sandwich dinner option is far from the prime rib dinners of the late

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Rio 2016 Olympic Round-Up

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By Matt Meagher The lead-up to this year’s Summer Olympic games was much different than that of past years. Between the Zika Virus, contaminated water, crime, and stadium construction, there was certainly no shortage of topics to discuss heading into Rio this Summer. Despite the countless controversies surrounding it, the Brazilian city did a great

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