Smartest travelers alive: New York Travel Show

Recently, a team from InsureMyTrip spent a few days at the New York Times Travel Show.  They came back with plenty of stories to share about their interactions with travelers at the show, many of whom where already InsureMyTrip customers — from the ones who approached the booth to say “hi” to their favorite Customer Service reps, to the incredibly organized person who brought a Ziploc bag of carefully curated claims information along to be sure that it would reach the right hands as quickly as possible.  The team thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone at the show, but especially liked interacting with the brave souls who were willing to share their favorite travel tips with us, and have their photos snapped while doing so.

We tend to believe that while we’re pretty smart about travel insurance, we can always learn a thing or two about travel.  Who better to learn from than our customers and friends?  We’ve probably got the smartest travel insurance team members alive right in this building, but the smartest travelers alive are out there in the world doing just that — traveling.  When we had the opportunity to attend a major trade show and hear from those smart, savvy people, we couldn’t resist asking them to record their thoughts for posterity.  Now we’re asking everyone else to join us in celebrating the smartest travelers alive by voting for the best tips among those we collected at the New York Times Travel Show.

Voting is as easy as “liking” your favorite tip on our Pinterest board.  The winner will be featured in an upcoming InsureMyTrip newsletter and profiled right here on our blog.  So go ahead: Tell us which of these people you think might be the smartest traveler alive.

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