Jim Grace

Statement on Kenya

We’ve received many phone calls from concerned travelers as the situation in Nairobi, Kenya has continued to unfold.  We are, as always, in close contact with the travel insurance companies whose products are represented on our site, and as of this moment we are aware of the following information:

  • Some travel insurance companies are defining the attack on the mall in Kenya as a terrorist act.  Under these circumstances, if you had a travel insurance policy in place prior to the onset of the attack, you may be able to cancel your plans and receive coverage if Nairobi was a listed destination on your itinerary.
  • However, all of our companies have stressed the importance of directing your questions about specific coverage directly to them.  If you have purchased a travel insurance policy through InsureMyTrip, contact information for your insurance company was included in your purchase confirmation; a list of contact phone numbers for our various providers can also be found on our Claims and Assistance page.
  • If you do not currently have a travel insurance policy in place, and you are planning to travel to or through Kenya or the surrounding area, at this time you will not be able to purchase a travel insurance policy that covers the effects of the current terror attack.  You may, however, want to look into purchasing a policy that will offer coverage for any similar future events, and also keep in mind that there are many other valuable benefits related to your health, medical care, and other reasons for trip cancellation that you might want to consider.  To discuss the best options for your safety and comfort, we recommend that you speak with one of our licensed representatives at 800-590-2650.

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