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This Week in Links, What to Watch For Edition

Our weekly round-up today is a bit of a potpourri of topics. Ordinarily, we try to stick to a theme — security abroad, for example, or the Olympics. However, travel news this week has been a bit more eccentric than usual (or, possibly, the things that have caught our attention are more varied than usual). Still, we think this week’s collection of travel news stories boils down to one key takeaway: Things to keep your eye on. Here are the things we’ll be watching for new developments in the near future.


This Week in Links, Safety and Security Edition

There’s no way to put this delicately: It’s been a scary week for world headlines. While the Olympics continue to wind down in Sochi with a pleasantly surprising lack of security drama (though the effects of that “dangerous face water” on Bob Costas brought a whole different kind of pathos), all is not necessarily quite so well outside the Olympic Village.

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Your Travel Insurance Questions

With a recent redesign to the InsureMyTrip website, there are more opportunities for travelers to engage with licensed travel insurance representatives to get answers to their questions about various products and coverage options. There’s plenty of food for thought in the comments section underneath many of our articles now, but we thought it might be helpful to take a few of the questions that have been asked (and answered) there and talk about them in a bit more depth.