Happy New Year 2012

Dear Travelers, Colleagues, and Friends:

It’s hard to believe that twelve months have passed since my last holiday season message. It’s been a great year and we are honored to have helped so many people traveling to so many exciting destinations.  I considered doing a year-end “Top 10″ list , but when I got to 10, I wanted to keep going — there were so many stories I wanted to share.

So instead, I’ve decided to share with you a few photographs showing the great people at InsureMyTrip.  I hope you enjoy this look back, and that you’ll remember the people and the faces in these pictures because these are the people behind our company.  They’re the people who work hard every day to make sure that your travels are protected every time.  They’re the people you take with you when you go on your journeys.  And they — and I — can’t wait to see where we’re all going in 2012!


Safe travels,

Jim Grace


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