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Can You Trust Travel Insurance to Cover Mental Health Issues?

Over the weekend, NPR ran a story entitled “Don’t Count on Travel Insurance to Cover Mental Health.” The article told the story of a couple whose travel plans needed to be changed, based on recommendations by their adult son’s doctors that he not be left alone as he began a new treatment regimen for mental health problems. When the would-be travelers submitted a claim for trip cancellation to their travel insurance company, it was denied. Does this family’s story really mean that travel insurance will never cover mental health issues? We reached out to our providers to get their take on the question, and found some surprising answers:


Vacation During Hurricane Season: Your First Travel Insurance Reminder

As predicting the unpredictable goes, Hurricane Season is one of the best opportunities travelers have to gaze into the crystal ball of “known perils” and take early steps to prevent vacation disasters. Of course, you might argue that no two hurricane seasons are alike, and some are very mild — almost a non-event. You might also have your confidence bolstered by early models that predict a less active season than usual. So why not just wait and see how the season shapes up before insuring your trip?