Time-Sensitive Benefits

Two of the most discussed coverage options in the travel insurance industry are Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) and Pre-Existing Conditions Waivers.  Both of these benefits can be a big help to travelers, but they’re both also unique in that they are time-sensitive benefits.  Essentially, that means that a traveler who’s looking to buy an insurance policy with CFAR or the Pre-Ex Waiver must buy their plan within a certain time frame in order to be eligible for those particular coverage options.  Once the window of time specified by the insurance provider closes, the opportunity to get time-sensitive benefits passes.  Other important plan benefits will still be available, so it’s never too late to purchase travel insurance; but for the broadest possible coverage, buying early is always a smart move.

To learn more about time-sensitive benefits and why so many travelers look for them when buying an insurance plan, check out our online magazine, featured below.


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