16 thoughts on “InsureMyTrip Announces iPad Giveaway

  1. Did not use the insurance on my last trip. IMT was very easy too deal with and prompt on their responses



  3. Best price for the coverage we recieved. Have not been on trip or had to use it, hope we dont.

  4. I have used insuremytrip.com for several years. It is so easy to use and I get all the comparisons needed to make the right choice for each of my trips. I have never been disappointed with their site and service. I recommend using this source for finding the perfect travel insurance 100%.

  5. Since I have been traveling more and more each year, there is always the risk that something may interfere with the best laid plans. Unfortunately we have learned this the hard way (having a parent get ill and pass away during a planned vacation). The good news is that we were prepared with an insurance policy through insure my trip that covered everything…thank you! From emergency trip home to the cancellation of the rest of our vacation. With the proper documentation, there was no hesitation or delay in being refunded completely. So now, we never go anywhere without getting the insurance and have sold many of our friends on how necessary and valuable it is to have.

  6. I have purchased Insure My Trip insurance 4 times in the past. I have been thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of this fine company. The first time I purchased I called and spoke with someone over the phone that answered all my questions and was very patient and understanding. I have only needed to be reimbursed 1 time and that was when I broke my arm at the airport before getting on a plane for Alaska. When I returned home and spoke with the people at Insure My Trip I was treated with respect and with legitimate concern for my accident which I received full reimbursement. Insurance is something I never want to actually have to use for any reason but the peace of mind knowing it is there if I need it is invaluable to me and well worth the price.

  7. My wife and I have been completely satisfied with the services rendered in the past. Especially important to us was the efficiency and professionalism exhibited. Thank you.

  8. My wife and I have been completely satisfied with the efficiency and professionalism we have esperienced with the services rendered. Many thanks are in order.

  9. Didn’t have to use it this time… But knowing its there if I do, is worth so much. Always use InsureMyTrip instead of anything offered by the cruise company. I get to pick what I need, and it always costs less.

    Thanks… See ou next trip!

  10. By accessing Insure My Trip, I was able to explore, compare and choose the company and policy that met my needs in the quickest, most efficient search I have made in decades of travel. I am thrilled with the time saving, the complete palette of offerings and the clarity of presentation. Thank you!

  11. I have been using Insure My Trip for many years and have recommended it to countless people. All of us have been very happy with the service, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff when I have to call, and the quality of the insurance offered. The variety of policies available and the easy way to compare them make the site very user friendly and better than any other site I have seen. I would not consider buying trip insurance from any other source!

  12. Information was easily accessed and complete, on search engine and pamphlet equally helpful.

  13. It’s peace of mind knowing you have it, hoping you never need. If you do, need it, thank insure-my-trip!

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