Enter our “Snakes on a…” Contest

In honor of the Bronx Zoo’s new celebrity inhabitant, the infamous cobra, InsureMyTrip.com would like to announce our “Snakes on a…” contest, open to all residents of the U.S. over the age of 18.

We’re looking for the best travel insurance claim story submitted on behalf of the wayward cobra.  Be creative!  In your submission, tell us:

1) Where the snake went
2) What mode of transportation was involved (snakes on a plane?  a train?)
3) What happened?  Why does the snake need to submit a claim to its travel insurance company?
4) Any other fun details you may want to include.

Please keep your submissions to 500 words or fewer.  We’ll be judging mainly on creativity.  Whoever makes us laugh the hardest, or makes us want to share their submission with the whole office, will be the winner!

The winning entry will be posted here on the InsureMyTrip blog and shared through our Twitter and Facebook pages.  As the winner, you’ll also receive a one-year Family Premium membership to the Bronx Zoo, so you and your companions can visit the snake who inspired your top-notch work.

Please send all submissions to marketing@insuremytrip.com with the subject header “Snakes.”  Good luck, everyone!


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