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From my office in the front hallway of the InsureMyTrip building, I most often hear my coworkers before I see them.  Sometimes I hear their voices engaging in animated conversation as they walk past; at other times, I hear doors opening and closing, computer keys clicking, chairs rolling.  Shoes on the tile floor.  It’s getting so I can identify many people by their footsteps alone, and there is one particular set of footsteps — rapid, purposeful, padded by the rubber soles of a ubiquitous pair of sneakers — that I’ve noticed has been making more and more rounds lately.  The steps belong to our I.T. Manager, Dennis, who has recently taken ownership of more than just his energetic journeys around the office hallways.

What was it about InsureMyTrip that inspired you to work here?

The environment.  From the people I talked to, to the tech-forwardness of the company…it’s very innovation-minded.  I like that.

That makes sense, considering you’re a tech guy.  But what exactly is your role all about?

Well, I’m the I.T. Manager, so I oversee the Information Technology for the company; but I also oversee the Software Quality Assurance team.

Riiight.  What does your job have to do with making our customers’ lives better?

Well, let’s see…the IT team makes sure that all the technical equipment is in perfect working order, which is important for a 24-hour, by 7-day, by 365 web-based business.  Our job is to make certain that the customer can get the information and purchase travel insurance at any given time.  And the QA team works very hard making sure that whatever information the user sees is 100% accurate.  Calculating data for almost 20 companies, with hundreds of plans in total is a lot of work, but their accuracy means that users will have a good experience.

That’s interesting, since we also have a User Experience team.  Do they pick up where QA leaves off, more or less?

Maybe you should interview them next!

Maybe!  So what’s the best thing about doing the job you do?

That I’m ridiculously happy doing it…whatever “it” entails.

Is there any particular moment or achievement that you’re especially proud of, in your time at InsureMyTrip?

Yes, absolutely.  We have the ability to be a 100% mobile workforce.  I’m really proud of that.  Our entire company, including the call center, which is a huge thing, our entire company can pick up and work remotely in an emergency.  It’s technology that we developed for things like snow days and as part of our overall business continuance plan, but it really came into play last March when we had all that flooding. I mean, the whole company just worked seamlessly to keep service going, even the call center — they were working remotely and still handling calls and chats and serving customers.

We, as a staff, spend so much of our time making sure that other people’s travels go well.  I always kind of wonder whether there are travelers among us.  Are you a traveler?

Yes, I am.

Where have you most enjoyed visiting?

Wow.  Hm.  You know, I’ve traveled internationally and I’ve traveled all over the United States — well, not ALL over, but quite a bit — and I have to say I really like Vermont.  The Green Mountains.  They’re just…breathtaking.  Fantastic.  It’s my favorite place to be.

Is there any place you’d really like to go, but haven’t?

There are a lot of places, but I’d say Japan, and Iceland.  I’d really like to check them out.

Well, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat, Dennis.  Oh, and by the way, while you’re here — could you take a look at my computer?   I think it’s crashing.  Just kidding.  Made you look!

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