Baseball Memories

John, Customer Care Manager

InsureMyTrip recently ran a blog contest, in which employees were encouraged to submit posts for the blog in two different categories.  This post by Customer Care Manager John won in the “Personal Interest” category.  Congratulations, John!

To a lot of people, there is nothing more boring than watching a baseball game; in fact, I know several people who would rather watch the grass grow.  “They’re not athletes,” “they just stand around,” are some of the statements that I have heard over the years.  To people like me though, baseball is more than a game — it’s memories of childhood and innocence.

My first experience with baseball was playing whiffle ball in the back yard with my father and two older brothers.  We would play two-on-two games with major bragging rights on the line.  It became so important to us that my oldest brother would actually keep statistics of who had the most home runs and runs batted in (RBI’s) — mostly because he was the leader in those categories.

As I got older and started playing real baseball, I would play catch in the back yard with my father, play in Little League against my friends and experience my first game at Yankee Stadium.  I will never forget walking through the concourse and seeing the players taking batting practice with their majestic “moonshots” and Monument Park with plaques dedicated to all of the Yankees’ legends.

When I reminisce like this, I think about the impact that sports can have on our lives — the camaraderie, the experience of learning to be a part of a team — and am grateful for having had those days with my father and brothers in the back yard.  I would love to hear others’ stories.


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