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I recently sat down with QA Engineer Wayne, who’s been mysteriously placing cardboard boxes in strategic locations around our office.  Rather than guess his purpose, I thought I couldn’t be the only one wondering what was up, so I decided to find out.  Good thing I asked: as Wayne began hanging posters advertising a great community service campaign, I realized that there are a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes here at InsureMyTrip that are worth talking about.

What’s going on with all the boxes around the office these days?

I’m happy to announce that we are holding our second food drive in the office to support the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

This is a continuation of an ongoing program, right?

Yes.  In the past, I had the opportunity to participate in a day of community service for IMT employees, where we went to the Food Bank and helped sort and stack the food.  Last Thanksgiving, I thought of all my co-workers who would not be able to participate in the one day of sorting, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a food drive in the office to give everyone a chance to contribute in some way.

How did that go?  Were people responsive?

To my surprise, it was an absolute success. When we completed the food drive, we then took the food over to our local sorting facility and sorted the food into the different categories that they have set up.  It’s so great to be able to actually see the process it takes to get the food from a donation area to a “ready for the public” area.

Most offices would make the food drive an annual thing.  So why did you decide to do another drive now, instead of waiting until November?

You know, lots of people think of giving during the holidays, and it’s great — we’ll definitely do it again.  But the Food Bank reached out to us for their Summer Food Drive because they actually really need the help right now.  Believe it or not, summer is their busiest time of year.  So I thought, “Why not?”

You mentioned that the IMT office food drive is part of a larger effort by the Food Bank to get donations this summer.  How can people get involved if they want to help out?  And do they have to be in Rhode Island?

The food drive actually goes from June 22 through August 27.  Because there are so many ways to contribute to the Food Bank, you don’t even have to be in Rhode Island to help out.  If people would like to make a donation, they can feel free to contact me using the email address Wayne (at) insuremytrip (dot) com, and we’ll be happy to help them out with arranging a donation.  Or they can actually become a fan of InsureMyTrip   on Facebook and check out the “Notes” section of our page, where we have specific instructions for participating in the food drive.


Wayne, thanks for bringing the Food Bank’s needs to the attention of the IMT community.   We’re really  proud of your efforts.


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