Find a Plan Quicker with Filters

Chris, User Experience Manager

We just updated our quote results and comparison pages to allow you to filter results by plan type, coverage, provider, or cost. You can find the plan you need faster, without having to compare all plans.

A screenshot of the Coverage filter in action.

A screenshot of the Coverage filter in action.

With filters, you can

  • view only the plans that offer Cancel for Any Reason coverage, or
  • move the Cost slider down to view only plans costing less than $50, or
  • look at plans from a specific provider, such as CSA, Travel Guard, or any one of our companies.

By combining filters, you can find out if there is a Travel Guard plan for less than $50 that offers the Cancel for Any Reason coverage.

We also improved the flow between quote results, viewing plans, and comparing plans. The transition from one view to the next is smoother and the response time quicker. When you compare plans, the plans are listed in your current window. The row headings always stay in view, so you always know which coverage you’re comparing.

The goal of this project was to make things easier for you. We’re not done, of course. We’re continually improving our site to make things easier for you. Over the next few months you’ll see new features and improvements to the filters and plan selection process. We’re working currently on a better way to print pages.

How did we do? Please let us know in the comments or contact us. We love to hear from you. What other improvements would you like to see?


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