10 years of InsureMyTrip.com: Where we’ve been, where we’re going

Bri, Marketing

Among the emails awaiting some InsureMyTrip staffers this morning was something very common, something that almost could have gone barely noticed in the rhythm of a day’s work.  A little email entitled “# of calls answered.”  It didn’t contain much information, just a number, followed by two words:

Record breaking.

The fact is, IMT’s Customer Care staff fielded a phenomenal number of calls last month, and it was a record.  But it wasn’t the first record-setting month this year.

While it’s not often we do the whole climb-to-the-rooftops-and-shout-to-the-world bit, the realization that all of these records coincide with our 10th anniversary puts me, at least, in a mood of both reflection and celebration.  This is a company that still remembers its first sale, which came in at 12:07 a.m. (and 45 seconds…but who’s counting?) on June 1, 2000.  (Helene from Waterville, ME…we hope you’re reading this.  Thanks for getting the ball rolling!)  It’s a company where I was able to pop an email to CEO Jim Grace and ask, somewhat rhetorically, “10th anniversary, huh?  Wonder who the 10th employee here was?” and receive the almost instantaneous response: Martha, our office manager.   More than five years later, we’re well beyond 10 employees — we’ve got more than enough people to make organizing birthday cake days really interesting — but I’ll bet you that, with just a little thought, Jim could tell you roughly when each and every one of us came on board.

Our rise to continually breaking our own records is almost bemusing to me; from that 2000 start in Jim’s basement, it was just a few short years before IMT had its first “official” office space right down the road in East Greenwich, RI.  Less than two years after that, in November 2005, the company had grown startlingly, requiring another move to our current digs in Warwick.  In my mind, I can compare that basement office to our state-of-the-art call center, our indoor basketball court, our spacious cafeteria (complete with flat-screen TV and my favorite toy, a Keurig machine), and all the as-yet unrenovated space just poised for new growth…and I’m dizzied.  Awed.  But above all, proud.

Maybe there’s no real point to this post — as I’m writing, it occurs to me that the “where we’re going” part of the title hasn’t been touched on much, and I don’t know that I have a good answer to that anyway, not without giving away company plans.  Maybe this really just amounts to a little love note to IMT itself, as a company, a culture, and an ever-changing vision of possibility.  But on this, the first day of our 11th year, a day that brings news of another record broken, it feels like a glimpse into a future that promises great things for IMT staff and travelers alike.  I guess I just wanted to share that optimism and excitement by giving you all a peek into the people and places behind the website.  Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon to see what year 11 has in store.


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