South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup and travel insurance

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There’s a little more than a month before the official opening ceremony of the biggest sports venue on the planet. The name of the sport is different around the world — most know it as Football, some call it Soccer –  but the whole planet is crazy about it.  If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of fans planning to flock to South Africa for this year’s World Cup, or if you’re planning to travel to South Africa for any other reason, looking into travel insurance may be a good idea for any number of reasons.This year’s World Cup is a big deal for travelers and sports enthusiasts alike.  For the first time in the 80-year history of football (soccer?), an African nation will be hosting this most major of tournaments, which is held only every four years.  Teams from 32 different countries will play for a month to determine the new world champion.South Africa 2010 Word Cup Travel Insurance The official organizer, FIFA, is expecting close to a half million excited international fans to support their teams, and for that single month, to pour into the South African economy almost 1.8 billion dollars.  So far, England has sold the largest number of tickets outside of South Africa.  However, the big surprise this time came from the United States, whose national team will be one of the best supported ones at this FIFA World Cup!   The current 2010 US national team may be a contender for the title.

As with every large world sporting event, this one also has its risks and security issues.  The “football hooligans” and large fan riots before and after the games are well-known problems at any World Cup event. Also, alongside  rumors of expected terrorist attacks, South Africa is still fighting large amounts of domestic poverty and crime. Despite the country’s reputation as the continent’s most industrialized and developed nation, there are still active tensions and political instability in some regions along race and class divides.  A recent outbreak of Rift Valley Fever has also prompted The World Health Organization to issue a warning to football fans around the world to be careful and avoid raw animal products and, in particular, mosquito bites.  However, it’s worth noting that the government of  South Africa is aiming to give the world a calm and worry-free spectacle, and has spent 90 million dollars for new modern equipment for their special security forces.

Knowing that these and other concerns will not deter true soccer (football?) fans, we’d like to point out that at, you can compare a variety of travel insurance products that can be helpful to all those who are traveling to South Africa for the games.  We recommend looking first at package plans, which include coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption. If you are concerned about nonrefundable trip costs, such as the airline tickets, hotel stay, etc., you can insure those costs with one of the package plans. Package plans are great, too, because they offer a multitude of other coverages, including coverage for lost or delayed baggage, trip delay coverage, coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation, and even rental car coverage.

If you’re not concerned with insuring trip costs but want to make sure you are covered for medical issues that could arise while in South Africa, one of our travel medical plans may work for you. Most health insurance plans in the States will not cover you when you are overseas, so it is important to make sure you have access to medical insurance just in case you become ill or injured while in South Africa. The travel medical plans also cover emergency medical evacuation, in case the nature of your illness or injury makes it necessary for you to be flown somewhere else for treatment.  You can even purchase this coverage exclusive of any other plan, if evacuation services are your only concern.  And finally, for fans traveling in groups of 10 or more,  group travel insurance may be the way to go — visit our group travel insurance engine at  The bottom line is that it’s better safe than sorry, and we offer so many different types of plans that we are bound to have something for you. Call us at 800-487-4722 if you need help figuring out which is best for your specific concerns.

From me, one hardcore football (soccer?) fan, and everyone else at InsureMyTrip, we would like to extend to all soccer supporters our sincere wishes for safe travels, peace of mind…and may the best team win.


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