DOT regulations and travel delay coverage

Meghan, Customer Care

Travelers should be aware that airlines may be implementing a slight increase in flight cancellations in the near future. As of April 29th, a new Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation has taken effect which will levy fines against airline companies for planes that are delayed on the tarmac for 3 or more hours. The regulation states that passengers must be allowed to disembark after 3 hours, as long as doing so does not cause any safety issues.

Airlines may choose to cancel flights instead of facing the possibility of having to pay a fine, causing many to miss connecting flights or the departure of their cruise ship. offers policies that provide benefits to travelers who face a delay.

Most of the package policies that we offer contain coverage for Travel Delay. This coverage is based on the traveler being delayed for a certain number of hours due to a covered reason, such as a common carrier delay. The insurance company will reimburse for expenses incurred as a result of the delay. Reimbursement can be either per day, for things such as hotel rooms or food, or a maximum amount to help catch you up to your trip. Coverage amounts differ per policy, and are clearly stated within the quotes.

In the event that a traveler misses the departure of a cruise, on some policies there is a Missed Connection benefit within the Travel Delay coverage. Typically, the minimum number of hours delayed is fewer for Missed Connection benefits than with a standard Travel Delay, and the Missed Connection coverage can help travelers catch up to their cruise at the next port of call.

With the new DOT regulation going into effect, it is important to be covered in the event of a common carrier delay. We urge travelers to examine the package policies on our website for Travel Delay coverage as well as all of the other benefits they have to offer. For assistance, feel free to call our Customer Care representatives at 800-487 -4722.


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