Concerned about the oil spill? Get CFAR coverage

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With summer fast approaching, many of you are probably planning sun and sand getaways to popular destinations such as the Gulf Coast.  We’ve heard from several customers already that the recent oil spill in that area may inspire them to change their minds.  Before you decide not to book what could be a perfectly lovely vacation, we thought we’d point out  that CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) policies can offer some extra peace of mind, no matter what your travel plans may be.

How is CFAR different from standard travel insurance policies?  Generally, it offers more freedom — while most traditional travel insurance will only cover specific events, aptly-named Cancel for Any Reason policies broaden coverage by allowing travelers to opt out of their plans for, well, any reason. The extra protection means that a traveler who turns on the news today to find that his beach destination is threatened by oil can still purchase a CFAR policy and be covered in the event he decides to cancel his trip.  As always, there are a few things you should check into before buying a policy, such as how many days you have from the time of your first trip payment to actually purchase coverage, but in general, having the ability to change your plans with relative ease may come in handy.

Whether or not your travel plans include heading off to a destination already threatened by oil spills, volcanoes, airline strikes, or Godzilla, considering CFAR coverage for your trip is always worthwhile.   As with all travel insurance policies, you should read the details carefully to be sure you fully understand the requirements for coverage. It’s also wise to make travel insurance decisions and purchases as early in the booking process as possible, so that no matter what policy you choose, you can benefit from all the coverage it has to offer. Please call our Customer Care representatives at 800-487-4722 to receive information about specific policies.


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