Coverage available for civil unrest

Johnna, Customer Care

Civil unrest and political instability in various regions of the world may hinder travel plans under certain circumstances. We advise travelers to always be aware and up-to-date on local political conditions in and around their destination. For example, since mid-March, an anti-government movement known as the “red shirts” has been staging protests in Thailand. Travelers who have purchased a policy prior to the start of the protest should check their policies for coverage pertaining to civil or political unrest.

On the one hand, pre-departure Trip Cancellation coverage is not available for these events in a Package Policy, unless a Cancel For Any Reason option is added (available on select Package policies).  However, there are plans which include coverage for Non-Medical Evacuation or Political Evacuation Services. These services may be accessed if continuing travel within the region is deemed unsafe by either local or U.S. government authorities. Travelers should review their individual policy details for specific coverages that would be available to them should they encounter a situation in which they may need this type of assistance.  As always, feel free to call our helpful Customer Care staff at 800-487 -4722.


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