Travel insurance coverage when you can’t return as scheduled

John, Customer Care Manager

Due to recent events involving the volcanic ash cloud and flight cancellations, we want to point out what the insurance companies cover when travel is delayed beyond your scheduled return date.  Referring primarily to Package Policies, the companies fall under two camps:

1) Several insurance companies have an “open-ended” extension where coverage applies beyond the expiration date and continues until the traveler has reached his or her return destination, as long as the delayed return is due to a covered situation under the policy and is beyond the traveler’s control. Travelers impacted/stranded due to the current airline groundings caused by volcanic ash meet this criteria.

2) A few insurance companies have a seven day extension policy in place that provides coverage up to, but not exceeding, seven days beyond the traveler’s original scheduled return date if the insured traveler’s entire trip is covered by their plan and the delay is due to circumstances beyond the traveler’s control.

We advise travelers to review the extension terms of their policy and/or call our Customer Care representatives for assistance.


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