Haiti Travel Alert

Peter, EVP

Our customer care team is reporting a steady increase in call volume from relief workers and volunteers flowing into Haiti. With this, questions have arisen concerning appropriate and available travel insurance coverage. It is important to be aware that many Trip Cancellation Package Policies provide limited or no coverage to Haiti due to the earthquake, whereas certain Travel Medical plans are much better alternatives.

#1 If Travel Medical and Evacuation coverage is what you want, click here for information on the Atlas International Plan by HCC Medical Insurance Services, which has been discounted especially for people going to Haiti.


#2 If you’re interested in other types of coverage or aren’t sure, we strongly recommend calling our customer care team at 800-487-4722 for up-to-date coverage information and to ensure you’re adequately covered.


One thought on “Haiti Travel Alert

  1. Good idea to purchase travel insurance when traveling to Haiti right now. It’s great that insurance companies are offering some discounts for people headed down to help in search and healthcare efforts. I hope that many people take advantage of those offerings and head down to assist.

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