Reflecting on the Haiti earthquake

Jim, CEO and President

In the travel insurance business, we frequently deal with the effects of natural disasters. The products we sell are designed to protect against these very effects. But observing the human cost of these disasters never gets any easier.

Like most of the world, InsureMyTrip employees have anxiously watched the tragic toll of the earthquake in Haiti. Our thoughts go out to the victims, the families, and the brave relief workers and volunteers who rushed to the scene to provide assistance. InsureMyTrip stands strongly behind the people and organizations providing essential medical, food, water, rescue and recovery services.

While we all feel pretty helpless at times like these, every little bit does help. We worked with HCC Medical Insurance Services to provide discounted medical coverage for those traveling to Haiti at this time. The Red Cross raised millions of dollars in $10 increments by soliciting a simple text message from mobile phone users. And I know the list goes on and on.

We join with the entire world in hoping for an expeditious relief effort.


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