Travel insurance when a travel provider goes on strike

John, Customer Care

With a potential strike by the British Airways cabin crew during the upcoming holiday travel season, let’s review how travel insurance coverage applies when strikes occur.

Most of the Package Policies that we offer contain pre-departure Trip Cancellation and post-departure Trip Interruption coverage for unforeseen strikes should there be a cessation of services for at least 24 hours.  Most Package Policies also contain a Travel Delay benefit as well in case you’re held up while traveling.

As with all insurance, the event in question must be unforeseen. In this case, you’re covered if you purchased your insurance prior to the strike announcement; there is no longer coverage for the British Airways strike if you purchase your policy after the announcement.  If you are concerned about this particular strike and have not yet purchased a policy, you can purchase one that contains an optional Cancel For Any Reason benefit (each plan requires certain criteria to be met to obtain this coverage).

Keep in mind that we sell travel insurance from 18 different companies, so there may be differences between the plans. It’s important that you read the details carefully prior to purchase, or call our licensed representatives between the hours of 7AM and midnight EST, Monday through Friday, Saturday 9AM to 6PM and Sunday 11AM to 6PM. We can answer any questions you have.


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