Travel Delay Insurance Coverage and the Winter Holidays

Debra, Customer Care Traveling during the winter holiday season can be exciting, but also frustrating. Most of our Package Policies cover a travel delay and/or a missed connection due to common carrier, such as an airline.

For example: You are scheduled to fly out of Boston with a connection in Colorado. Your plane from Boston leaves on time, but when you get to the Colorado airport all flights out are delayed due to inclement weather.

Assuming your delay is 5 hours or more (delay requirement depends on the plan purchased), you would have coverage for a hotel stay, food, taxi, etc. Just keep all receipts of what you had to pay for during this delay and you can send in for a claim up to the policy limit.

Travel Delay coverage can alleviate much frustration and extra expenses. So enjoy your holiday travels, and be prepared!


2 thoughts on “Travel Delay Insurance Coverage and the Winter Holidays

  1. I have tried to buy travel insurance and keep being told that this website is insecure and someone might be trying to impersonate it. I’ve bought from insuremy trip before and never had this problem. any suggestions?

  2. Hi Barbara, that sounds like a certificate issue. Please try again and leave a comment here if you’re still having an issue. We’ll contact you personally to help.

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