Quarantine concerns

Becky, Insurance Analyst

Imagine this.  You’ve finally departed for that two-week vacation you have been planning for months.  It’s two weeks away from work, and you are looking forward to some relaxation and some fun.  But then something unexpected happens.  On the plane ride you are seated near someone who is coughing, and obviously ill.  You arrive at your destination and learn you are being quarantined.  It could happen.  Just this week the State Department alerted Americans that China is imposing a seven-day quarantine on passengers arriving with a fever or flu-like symptoms in order to prevent the spread of swine flu.  The mayor of New Orleans was quarantined in China earlier this month.  What if this happened to you? For several days you are forced to miss out on your vacation and remain in quarantine.  It’s one of the worst things that could happen to you on your trip.  And it’s also one of the best reasons travel insurance is such a great investment.

If you purchased one of the package plans from our site prior for your trip, you may have coverage for trip interruption.  The majority of our providers list quarantine as a covered reason for trip interruption coverage.  What exactly does this mean to you? It means that if you are forced to miss seven days out of your two-week trip because you are quarantined, you can recoup the expenses you lost.  You already paid for those seven days in the hotel.  The hotel isn’t going to reimburse you.  You already paid your non-refundable deposit to that sightseeing group.  Under the trip interruption benefit, you can get those costs back.  Granted, spending seven days in quarantine is no picnic.  But at least with travel insurance you have piece of mind that you won’t lose your prepaid non-refundable trip costs. Not to mention if you actually do become ill – that’s where the travel medical coverage would kick in.

One thing you must consider at this time is with regards to travel to China. It has now been in the news that China is quarantining anyone and everyone who seems to have a fever, or who has been in close contact with someone that might have the swine flu. Because of this, the quarantine situation in China is no longer an unforeseen event; rather, if you are traveling to China right now you should be aware that being quarantined is likely. If you bought your travel insurance prior to the media announcements about the situation in China, then you would be covered (assuming you bought a plan that includes quarantine as a covered reason for trip interruption). But if you are planning to purchase a plan today, or anytime after the situation in China became known, you may or may not have coverage for quarantine – depending on the plan purchased.

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4 thoughts on “Quarantine concerns

  1. I’m a bit confused. Are there no plans that include any coverage for China quarantines? My upcoming trip has a 5 days in China followed by 2 weeks in Europe. If I get quarantined, are there any policies that will pay for a flight to get me to my next destination?

  2. Hi Steve, yes there are plans that will cover you, but it differs by plan. Best thing to do is give us a call, describe your trip details and we’ll outline which companies and plans will work for you. 800-487-4722

  3. I’m not aware of any plans that will cover salary or pay for missed vacation days. Only trip costs.

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