Customer visit

A customer from Colorado recently took us up on our offer to stop by the office when visiting Warwick, and here’s what she had to say:

I wanted to thank you for giving me a tour of your office while I was visiting Warwick, Rhode Island.  I was amazed!  I pictured a small two man office but instead found a whole building with state of the art features.  The call center room with the wall/movie size computer screen monitoring all the latest infomation throughout the world was incredible.  I didn’t realize I could call in and talk to one of your 20 plus licensed insurance brokers if I had any questions.  Your independent server room with a window was unique.  I hope others will stop by to view your improvements.  I have a whole new appreciation for your business and am online right now to purchase insurance for our group of 12 on our upcoming cruise.  Thanks again! Jackie

Thank you Jackie! It’s always a pleasure to meet a customer.


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