Now that Swine Flu is a pandemic

Becky, Insurance Analyst

If you’re like many travelers concerned with Swine Flu (or the H1N1 virus), you have been keeping close attention to any and all news relating to the Swine Flu outbreak.  So you have heard that the World Health Organization has raised Swine Flu to a level 6 alert, meaning H1N1 is officially a pandemic.  Just what exactly does this mean with regards to your travel insurance? Well that depends on the the travel insurance provider that you have purchased a plan through.  The majority of providers on our site make no exclusions for pandemics, so the coverages remain intact, and the fact that Swine Flu is now a pandemic should not be of any concern to you if you purchased one of these provider’s plans.

On the flip side, there are some provider’s who have exclusions for pandemics.  In the case of these providers, if Swine Flu is named a pandemic, some or all of the coverages provided in the plan become null.

To find out how specific travel insurance policies work in the event of a pandemic, please see our Swine Flu Coverage tool.


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