If the airline cancels flights due to Swine Flu

Becky, Insurance Analyst

Many travelers are concerned about Swine Flu and its impact on scheduled trips. You can find much information about what your travel insurance policy will and will not cover in the previous blog post.

We are getting a lot of calls today from people who are concerned that the airlines might cancel their flights because of the Swine Flu outbreak.

Unfortunately, the consensus so far among the travel insurance providers is that they will not provide trip cancellation coverage if the airline refuses to fly into a Swine Flu area.

What can save people here is if a person purchased their travel insurance policy with the Cancel For Any Reason benefit. Some plans have this included in the base plan, and some plans offer this as an optional add on. If you have a travel insurance plan with Cancel For Any Reason you do not need to worry. You can cancel your trip if you are concerned about Swine Flu.

While the Cancel For Any Reason benefit will cost more than a basic policy without it, there are plenty of times when it is clearly worth it. We offer plans on our site from Global Alert, Travel Guard, Travel Insured, and TravelSafe that have Cancel For Any Reason either included in the plan or available as an optional add on.

See our new Influenze H1N1 (Swine Flu) Information Page


6 thoughts on “If the airline cancels flights due to Swine Flu

  1. I think that your industry collects the insurance premium with the clear intent NOT to pay claims at all cost – yes the swine flu is correct for you all – you are all pigs!

    The California Insurance comissioner will hear about you misleading practices – you can count on that -

  2. Wow, you’ve obviously had a bad travel insurance experience! I don’t know if we can help, but watch for an email from InsureMyTrip – perhaps we can give some advice to help resolve whatever issue you’re having.

  3. I’m confused by this statement “they will not provide trip cancellation coverage if the airline refuses to fly into a Swine Flu area.” If the airline cancels flights, why would this not be covered under trip insurance? This is not the fault of the insured. This is not a CFAR issue.

  4. Good question. As with all insurance, Trip Cancellation coverages have guidelines. Covered events are outlined in each policy, and if an airline decides not to fly into an area due to a medical emergency, that is generally excluded from trip cancellation protection. Coverage is provided for events such as a health issue or a death in the travelers’ family, a destination or home made uninhabitable due to a storm, or a terrorist incident that occurs in a city listed on your itinerary, just to name a few.
    Many providers include specific exclusions to trip cancellation coverage if the loss results from travel arrangements that are canceled by an airline.

    That’s why we mention Cancel For Any Reason as a possible alternative. As always, we encourage you to call our Customer Care if you’re unsure and we’ll help you understand how a particular coverage works and how different company plans compare.

  5. What if you have normal policy and are on a flight and are qurantined during a layover? How would that be covered?

    Would you get new flights? What if you traveled using air miles???

    Please answer if you have cancel for any reason and if you don’t.

  6. Another good question from Wayne. With traditional Package Plans, if you are quarantined during a layover you would be covered for reasonable additional expenses under your Trip Delay benefit, provided you are delayed for the
    minimum number of hours as outlined in your policy. Many plans also have coverage under Trip Interruption for quarantine, so if this did happen you
    would be covered for the additional transportation expenses to either return home or rejoin your trip.

    As for frequent flier miles, I don’t believe there are many, if any, providers who would reimburse you for your frequent flier miles. But as long as you
    insured the full cost of your trip, you would be covered for trip interruption/delay.

    If you have questions about a specific plan you have
    purchased, or are thinking of purchasing, definitely give us a call at 800-487-4722 and we will be glad to help you.

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