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  1. what insurance should I get for a Norwegian cruise in late July- my husband and I are in out 60′s in perfect health- concerned about swine flu etc…. thanks

  2. We have booked a vacation for 4 for December 1st to 8th in Mexico and would like to know which insurance is the best. travelers ages are from 54 to 69 years old. We’ll be staying in Cancun.

  3. I am going on my honeymoon to Cancun in July and wasn’t sure what insurance (if any) would cover the swine flu outbreak. We are in our 20′s.

  4. My kids, 15 & 13 yrs old, are going to Thailand, Bali, and Jakarta (Indonesia) at the end of June for a month. With the swine flu outbreak, I’m afraid flights will be cancelled to certain country. What insurance should I get so I don’t loose our non-refundable tickets? Thank you.

  5. Hi Courtney and Susanna, a Customer Care representative will contact you at the email address you provided.

  6. I’m leaving for a cruise in November to several destinations such as Italy, Venice, Greece, Turkey, Croatoa, and Crete. I’m flying into Italy and staying one night in a hotel. I’m also concerned about the swine flu outbreak. Please have a customer care representative contact me by email. Thank you!

  7. I’m going on my honeymoon in late September/early October in Mexico (near Cancun). What insurance should I get?

  8. I’m traveling to Mexico later this month and the trip is already booked. If I purchased travel insurance now, would it cover me if I have to cancel the trip? Or would I have needed to buy it when I booked the trip, since the swine flu advisories have already been announced??

  9. Hi Nate and Kathryn, we’ll have a Customer Care representative contact you at your email addresses.

  10. I have booked a vacation for Cancun area in July 9-19 10 nights ages of people 22,44,46. I can not find insurance that will cover carrier default and or cesstation , due to the fact that deposit was placed April 8 2009. This is more than 15 days from deposit. Also, of course.. can not get cancel for any reason due to too many days past deposit. Want some kind of coverage for the swine out break… jusy in case they say that the planes will not be flying, and or we should need to be flown out earier from island. I know I can get some coverage just about with any one for baggge, medical, and illness orior to departure… But that does not help me with the before and or durning should flights be canceled.Please help !!

  11. Tamara, we’ll have someone from Customer Care contact you via the email address you provided.

  12. My son is traveling to travelling to Thailand this month. I would like more information on insurance that is suitable for travel to this area. thank you.

  13. To get the cancel for any reason inc. the 15 day after deposit is that the first deposit or the final payment deposit. Our frist deposit for our trip was back in oct- nov, 08 . our finial deposit I think is April 15 this year. need to know thanks

  14. My husband and I purchased seven tickets to Cancun in June via United Airlines but after the news hit about the swine flu, needless to say, we cancelled. We have since been told by our travel agent that our deposit of $1,400.00 was going to taken and not refunded in any shape or form. I would have loved to go to Cancun instead of Orlando, Fl. (where we have since booked a flight to), but because of the circumstances, we felt it was out of our hands and didn’t want to put any of our 5 kids in any kind of potential danger (sickness). Is there anything that we can do? We were to leave the week of June 14 thru the 21st. I would even settle for a flight “credit” from United……

  15. Terri, the answer to your question depends on if you purchased travel insurance, what type (such as Cancel for Any Reason) and when. We can answer your question if you give us a call at 800-487-4722.

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