In celebration of Earth Day

Becky, Insurance Analyst

Today one of the providers on our site announced an exciting way for people to celebrate Earth Day, protect their travel investment, and help children in Kenya, all at the same time.  This year, each Travel Guard policy purchased on Wednesday, April 22nd (Earth Day) will result in one tree being planted with Trees For Children – Kenya.

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Tanzania (just south of Kenya) I am very excited by Travel Guard’s announcement.  One of the projects I did in my own village was a tree nursery.  I worked with villagers on planting fruit trees, in the hopes of both diversifying their diets, and creating income by selling the fruit in town.  Trees are so important to everyone, in all areas of the world, but especially in rural East Africa.  Wood from the trees is constantly being harvested for use in cooking, making charcoal, building, and many other things.  I believe that planting trees in Kenya is a great way to encourage sustainability in that area.

While many Americans certainly are environmentally conscious and do their best to live a green lifestyle, I think it’s fair to say that most of us here don’t feel nearly as dependent on the land as do the Kenyans.  From my own experience in East Africa, I know that the vast majority of people there are farmers.  From morning until night, they are out there working the land, planting, harvesting, collecting water.  The land is their most important resource and is the source of food, water and shelter.  That is why I am so excited about the opportunity to help improve that land, just by buying a travel insurance policy.

Travel Guard and Make A Mark Foundation, in collaboration with the Global Environmental Management Education Center (GEM) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, have launched the Trees For Children (TFC) initiative at Nyumbani Village. This is a ten year initiative to plant a dryland tree species on over 600 acres of land at Nyumbani Village. TFC has three main objectives: to make Nyumbani Village self-sustaining, to become ecologically friendly to mitigate environmental degradation, and to reduce poverty in the community through job creation.

Even if you don’t buy a Travel Guard policy on April 22nd, each of us can still do our part to help the environment.  Happy Earth Day!


2 thoughts on “In celebration of Earth Day

  1. Wow! Nice work! I will not be purchasing any travel insurance on Earth Day but we will be having an Earth Day celebration at school!

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