When Mother Nature Wreaks Havoc

Vikki, Public Relations

Working in the travel insurance world as I do, you’d think I’d have a pretty good understanding of all things travel insurance. Actually, I guess I know more than I realize, but sometimes I’m slow to fully appreciate some of the neatest things about these products. For instance, coverage for natural disasters.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen folks snowed in and flooded out in the Midwest, Mt. Redoubt erupting in Alaska, and of course that devasting earthquake in Italy. I know that for people with planned trips to these areas there are a number of covered reasons for cancelling them such as:

  • Weather Cancellation: if your airline or cruise line stops travel to a particular destination because of weather;
  • Destination made Uninhabitable: if your hotel, resort, or vacation rental is devastated by a storm or natural disaster, and;
  • Cancel For Any Reason: an optional benefit that lets you choose whether or not to cancel your trip.

But I was also struck by the thought of what if you live in one of these disaster zones and have plans to go on vacation? There’s good news for you too. Primary Residence made Uninhabitable, meaning if your home is severely damaged or destroyed by a hurricane, flood, earthquake or even a volcano, you can cancel your trip penalty-free.

Clearly, when it comes to Mother Nature, it pays to expect the unexpected. Buying travel insurance before a natural disaster occurs or is predicted is a good way to prepare for whatever she may throw at us.


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