Record number of calls to Customer Care

Chris, Business Development

Interestingly, March 2009 saw InsureMyTrip’s heaviest Customer Care call volume in our 9+ year history. At a time when the economy is struggling as it is, I wonder what this says about travelers.

To be clear, we LOVE talking to customers so keep the calls coming! While we work very hard to make our site quick and easy to use (and soon to be even easier – more on that in the near future), we understand that there are times when you just want to talk to someone. Maybe you’ve never purchased travel insurance before, or perhaps an upcoming trip is different from anything you’ve ever done in the past. Travel insurance is about personal and financial protection – you want to make sure you make the right decision. An experienced InsureMyTrip staffer can certainly help.

But maybe, just maybe, the increased call volume speaks to something else. Even in difficult times the desire to travel is innate. Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong… all are testament to the human desire to explore the world, meet new people, experience something different.

So embrace your inner explorer! We’re here to help. 800-487-4722


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