If you’re traveling to Mexico…

Becky, Insurance Analyst

Mexican drug cartels are engaged in a violent conflict with Mexican Security services, and the situation has lead to some unpredictable conditions in the country.  The situation has prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a travel advisory warning Americans with plans to travel in Mexico to be extra careful. Knowing how the situation will be handled under your travel insurance policy is a must for ensuring a smooth, worry-free trip.

Many of the package plans on our site offer some protection for political and civil unrest. You should read your policy carefully to find out which benefits you will have in the event of political and civil unrest. Political and civil unrest is generally not a covered reason to cancel a trip. There are many plans on our site that offer the Cancel For Any Reason benefit, either as part of the plan, or as an optional add-on. You should expect to pay a little more for this benefit, but it can be well worth it if you think you may want to cancel your trip due to possibly unsafe conditions in Mexico.

Many plans will provide travel delay coverage.  If your trip is delayed for more than a specific amount of time (between 5 and 24 hours, depending on the plan), due to conditions resulting from unrest in Mexico, you will be covered for reasonable additional expenses incurred as a result of the delay (meals, accommodations, etc.), as well as the additional transportation cost to return to your original destination, a destination where you can catch up to the trip, or home.

Some package and travel medical plans provide coverage for Non-Medical/Political Emergency Evacuation.  This is a fairly new benefit.  Normally in order to use the Emergency Evacuation feature of a plan, you had to have suffered a medical injury or illness.  The plans that offer this new Non-Medical/Political Emergency Evacuation will cover emergency evacuation in the event of civil unrest.  This is obviously a very desirable benefit to have if you are traveling to an area that is under warning from the U.S. State Department.   Give us a call at 800-487-4722 to find a plan that provides this benefit, and make sure you read the policy carefully so you understand exactly how the benefit works.

Travel insurance is a great tool for people who want to cut down on the worries that come along with traveling, and knowing how your travel insurance plan will protect you during your trip to Mexico is just one step you can take to guarantee a great trip.


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