We don’t ask for much…

Alexia, Insurance Analyst

We all are skeptical in our everyday lives. We double-check deals that seem to be too good, we search for cracks if things look too perfect. Recently we received a comment from a customer with some healthy skepticism: “I am quite surprised that InsureMyTrip does not request more information, such as travel itinerary, flight information, specific locations, contact number of travel agency. How do they quantify the risk they are assuming?”

Well, that is true. IMT certainly does not ask for these things, and here’s why.

Firstly, InsureMyTrip is an agency, not an insurance company, and we represent many plans with rules and rates defined by the insurance providers or underwriters. Most plans do not require a lot of information to get a quote. When a plan does need specific information, we collect that information during the purchase step.

We do ask for your destination on the quote form, for example, because most plan rates are based on where you go. On the other hand, we ask only for regions such as Europe or the Caribbean, because most plan rates are the same within a single region. Even if you are traveling to multiple countries within a region, the plan rates, coverages, and exclusions most often are the same. If you’re heading to multiple destinations, you always can call our Customer Care staff at 800-487-4722 to get the best advice for your situation.

During the purchase step, we do ask for information specific to the plan you are purchasing, such as Airline, Cruise Line, and Tour Operator. Most plans collect travel supplier information to make sure that you are eligible for Trip Cancellation or Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage. We ask for this information during the purchase step, rather than the quote step, because it is not required information for all plans.

If you file a claim, the claims processor will ask you for additional information that you did not have to enter when you purchased the plan. The claims processor may ask for information such as your flight numbers, the specific locations where you were staying, or the contact number of your travel agency. The requested information will be specific to the claim you are filing.

We don’t ask for much information on our website because our goal is to make buying travel insurance as easy as possible for you.


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