Travel insurance in times of layoffs

Bill, Customer Care

I was watching a national news network the other day and started thinking about what would happen if I had put money down on a trip and then was laid off – like so many thousands are in these trying times.

As most people know, when you make a down payment on your trip it’s a good idea to get travel insurance in case you can’t travel due to sickness or injury. But what about your work place and employment? What if you are laid off or have an involuntary termination?

I’m glad to be working in an industry where I can help people cover their losses concerning their non-refundable trip costs.

Many people may not realize this, but package policies will cover these work related scenarios. Depending on the policy, you must have been employed from 1-5 years with the same employer (usually full employment). The termination must be unforeseen, so you must have purchased the policy before anything happened.

In addition, you are covered with many of the policies if there is a permanent transfer of employment of 250 miles or more. Almost all have cancellation coverage due to “direct involvement in an acquisition or merger by Your/Their employer, provided You/They are an active full-time employee of Your/Their employer at the time of such acquisition or merger”.

Some policies also allow an option to purchase cancel for work reasons coverage.  (Basically, you’re covered if you’re directly involved in the merger or acquisition and you didn’t know you’d be required to work when you purchased your plan. )

In these uncertain times, it’s good to know that your travel coverage does more than just cover you for the flu! Also, never forget the all-inclusive “cancel for any reason” benefit!


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