State Dept. rep recommends medical evacuation coverage

Chris, Business Development

Traveling overseas? There’s lots to think about and plan for. In a recent Chicago Tribune article*, deputy assistant secretary of the State Department’s Overseas Citizens Services Michele Bond had some suggestions:

  • Register your travel itinerary on the State Department’s Web site, including where you’re going to be, where you’re staying and a phone number. If anything happens at your destination, they’ll know you’re there and where to look for you.
  • Call your family right away when there’s an incident at your destination and let them know you’re OK. This prevents worried family members from contacting the State Department looking for information.
  • Have travel insurance that includes a medical-evacuation provision.

Why medical evacuation coverage? It’s simple – the location you’re visiting may not have the best facilities to care for your illness or injury. Costs to evacuate you to an appropriate facility can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Medical evacuation is included in most Package Policies we sell, or can be purchased as stand-alone coverage. Both types are described in the Products section of our site. If you have any questions, call our Customer Care staff at 800-487-4722.

* “When you’re on the road, it’s good to expect the unexpected,”


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