A Plane in the Hudson River

Vikki, Public Relations

As I watched the news reports of the U.S. Airways plane that crashed in New York’s Hudson River, I realized that I have officially become a travel insurance geek.  Don’t get me wrong. I was absolutely amazed and stunned by the  pictures of people standing on the wings of a partially submerged plane surrounded by rescue boats. And I was incredibly concerned and sympathetic to how scared and cold these passengers must be. But as soon as it became clear that they would all be fine, I also found myself wondering if travel insurance would or could help in this nightmarish production.  As soon as I got to work the next day, I asked some of our resident experts if coverage would apply in this instance and this is what I learned:

  • First, consider how the event impacted your trip in terms of insurance coverage.
  • Has your luggage been recovered or is it at the bottom of the Hudson River? A travel insurance policy can provide coverage for lost or damaged baggage.
  • Most Trip Cancellation Package Policies provide a travel delay benefit that provides reimbursement for such things as meals, accommodations, and transportation made necessary by the delay.
  • Clearly, the plane crash caused a major trip interruption to the passengers onboard. Some policies provide trip interruption coverage due to a mechanical breakdown, some do not.

So what’s the bottom line? Travel insurance won’t prevent accidents from happening, but it can help you if one does. If you have travel insurance, review the terms of your policy carefully to determine what coverage and benefits you are entitled to. Remember, not all policies are created equally, they vary by company and plan.  If your policy reads like a foreign language to you, contact our expert Customer Care team for more information.


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