A world of travel in our own back yard

Chris, Business Development

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) today presented our home state of Rhode Island with its highest honor: the International Star Diamond Award. It’s the first U.S. State to receive the award, and only the 10th destination worldwide. Rhode Island’s Tourism Director said: “This is our industry’s Academy Awards. We are essentially receiving an Oscar, and certification that Rhode Island is a world-class destination offering some of the best natural beauty, culinary offerings, history and cultural attractions.”

Working in the travel insurance business, I’m constantly focused on helping people who are traveling away from home – for pleasure, visiting friends and family, or for business. Often I forget what’s in my own back yard. So this is a reminder to appreciate our local communities, and to preserve and protect them. As an avid traveler I encourage everyone to see the world (and visit InsureMyTrip.com before you go!)

But often times there’s something new to explore, right in our own back yard.


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