Winter Storms

Melissa, Operations Analyst

The InsureMyTrip Holiday Party has been postponed until after the new year because of…


Living in New England, sometimes, snow happens.  We all look forward to our annual Holiday Party and will just have to wait a couple more weeks.

This made me think just how many people travel over the holiday season to visit family and friends.  If you are one of those holiday travelers, I am sure you have thought about flights possibly being canceled or even missing your trip because of snow.

Every travel insurance company treats this scenario differently.  Some companies state that if inclement weather is in the forecast, then it is not unforeseen and therefore, not covered if the insurance is purchased after the weather has been predicted. Other companies state that as long as you buy the insurance before the day of departure, flights are not delayed, and airports have not announced closure, then you would have coverage for either travel delay, cancellation, or interruption (depending on the company).

The best advice: before you buy your travel insurance policy, and if snow delays are your main concern, call us at 800-487-4722. We’ll help you make sense of your options.


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