Don’t just look at price

Melissa, Operations Analyst

Price is a factor when you are purchasing travel insurance.  On our site, you can compare the policies (and prices) side by side.  When doing this, you will find that the prices are very different when looking from one policy to another.  Many believe, if you pay more, you will get more.  However, that’s not always the case with travel insurance.

Where to begin?
I usually start by comparing the 3 least expensive package plans to the most expensive plans and then, I compare the benefits and weigh the cost.  Everyone’s travel insurance needs are different.  Some travelers like to have a lot of travel medical & evacuation coverage and some don’t think this benefit is necessary for their trip.  Other travelers want coverage for lost/damaged luggage and to some, this type of coverage is not so important.

Before you buy travel insurance, make sure that your main concerns for purchasing the insurance will be covered.  If you need help our Customer Care staff is here for you (800-487-4722).  Just explain your main travel concerns and they will do their best to find a policy which meets your needs.


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