Why do you buy travel insurance?

Melissa, Operations Analyst

Would you cancel your trip if one of the following situations happened?

  • one of your friends passed away
  • a family member passed away
  • one of your children were ill
  • a close family member was ill
  • your pet passed away or was injured
  • you lost your job
  • you had to change jobs and could not get the same vacation time
  • you got sick or injured and the doctor says you can’t travel
  • you were in an accident on the way to a cruise departure
  • you became pregnant before the trip and now can’t travel
  • a close family member is expected to give birth while you are away
  • there was a terrorist incident in the city you are traveling to and you no longer feel safe traveling there
  • bad weather prevents your plane from taking off and you miss the trip
  • a hurricane destroys your destination or your home
  • the weather forecast is not ideal for your trip type (no snow is in the forecast for a ski trip, rain during the week you rented a beach house, etc)

Some circumstances on the list above would be covered for trip cancellation with every policy on our website. Unfortunately, several others are not normally covered unless additional coverage is purchased.

Some insurance companies now offer that additional coverage: called “Cancel For Any Reason”.

The Cancel For Any Reason benefit is only available with certain policies for an additional fee but, it will really allow you to cancel for any reason.  There are some guidelines to follow and each policy is different, so be sure to read the benefit thoroughly.

Before you buy travel insurance, make sure that the policy you choose will cover your main concerns.  If you have questions, call Customer Care for help at 800-487-4722.


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