Travel insurance and acts of terrorism

Peter, EVP

The recent terrorist events in Mumbai remind all of us of the risks that are spread around the world. Indeed the world has become a smaller place and such incidents highlight the dangers within the global community. As we plan our travels for the upcoming year, it is important to know that travel insurance provides meaningful coverage which can help mitigate some of the traveling risks and fears.

A few items to remember: Most trip cancellation package policies provide terrorism coverage allowing you to cancel your trip if a terrorist incident occurs in any of your itinerary cities within a specified period (7 to 30 days depending on the Insurance Company) before your departure. In addition, some policies provide a “Cancel for any Reason” benefit thus allowing you to cancel your trip for whatever reason that you wish to exercise. Finally, should you be in a city that is experiencing terrorists activities, most trip cancellation package polices provide a trip interruption benefit which pays the additional cost to return home on short notice and also extends to cover the unused portion of your trip cost.

Be sure to check plan certificates for details, or contact Customer Care at 800-487-4722.

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