What coverage do I need?

Melissa, Operations Analyst

Your travel insurance needs will be different depending on the type of trip you are taking. If you are taking a trip to Walt Disney World, your insurance needs will be different than if you were traveling to Africa.

Here are a few examples of types of trips people are taking and the insurance concerns they should have.

Trip To Walt Disney World
If you are taking a trip to Walt Disney World, your main concerns should be trip cancellation, travel delay, and travel baggage. Many people traveling domestically have medical insurance which will cover them while traveling to Florida so, a small amount of medical would be sufficient for this trip.

Going On A Cruise
Your main concerns with this type of vacation should be Medical Evacuation, Trip Cancellation and Interruption. The companies which provide medical evacuations state that an average medical evacuation for a Caribbean cruise is between $25,000 and $30,000. If this is an average I would recommend a policy with at least $100,000 per person for medical evacuation. Trip Cancellation is important for obvious reasons. After you make your final payment, your cruise is now non-refundable. If someone gets sick and you cannot go, this type of benefit could reimburse the amount which was insured. Trip Interruption is also important for this type of trip. If a family member back at home passes away suddenly, you may have to fly home from an island in the middle of your trip. The theory behind this benefit is for you to be reimbursed the unused portion of the trip and the amount it cost you to fly back from that island.

Backpacking Through Europe
If you are Backpacking through Europe, your main concern should be travel medical & evacuation. Other concerns for this type of trip would include travel baggage and trip interruption.

Taking An Adventure Trip To Africa
Are you Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or possibly going on an African Safari? Both of these trips would be exciting and dangerous at the same time. The trips will be bringing you to secluded areas of Africa. You should be looking for a travel insurance policy which offers a good amount of Medical Evacuation. I would not even compare a policy if there was less than a $250,000 evacuation benefit for this type of trip. The tours are also very expensive with heavy cancellation penalties. Be sure to include trip cancellation and an additional amount for trip interruption. Check the policy certificate. Make sure that the policy you choose does not exclude mountain climbing.  If the policy does exclude this activity, look for a policy which offers coverage for this activity.

Before you buy your travel insurance, think about the type of trip you are taking.  Look at the coverage limits for each benefit and see if these coverage limits are adequate for your upcoming trip.


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